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Elijah Wood, Q fan July 4, 2006

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Abbie went to the London Film and Comic Convention and got to meet Elijah Wood, who, it turns out is a Q Fan:

Now it is a little fan fact that Elijah saw the musical Avenue Q in the states and really liked it. I went to see it over here a couple of weeks ago and managed to purchase some badges with witty lines from the show. (It really is good. Check it out) Considering Elijah had just signed more than 800 autographs by the time he got to me I thought it appropriate to give him the badge that says “It sucks to be me”.
Start conversation:
A: I thought this might be quite appropriate.
*Elijah’s face lightsup as he picks up badge.
E: Oh wow Avenue Q that is so cool! Have you seen it?
A: Yeah I saw it a couple of weeks ago. It’s great isn’t it?
E: Oh yeah, is it over here now then? Has anyone come over?
A: Yeah its great. The curent cast asr amazing, you should definately go and see it. the person that played Christmas Eve came over to play her.
E: Oh that’s so cool.
A: Now make sure you wear it with pride!
E: Oh yeah I will. Thanks
And thus endeth the Elijah conversation. How cool!! Very.


First press reviews July 3, 2006

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Don’t know how long they’ll stay up before going into grotty paid-for archives but here are:
Paul Taylor in The Independent

Dominic Cavendish in The Telegraph

Alistair Macauley in the FT

Michael Billington in The Guardian

Benedict Nightingale in The Times

BBC Culture Show July 3, 2006

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The BBC Culture Show reported on Avenue Q a couple of weeks ago, sadly the spot from the programme, which was on the BBC website, seems to have now been taken down. (any obsessives out there want to track it down?)

It’s a nice piece, but it does highlight to me why I’d rather be blogging than working in TV. The crew were there the same night as I was (1 June) but it took four of them (interviewer, sound guy, camera guy….and err… another guy) an hour or so to get what turned out to be a few seconds on screen. Goodness knows how long it took and how much it cost to produce the whole thing. And to be honest, I’m much more interested in what real people think of the show than whether Sir Cameron Mackintosh thinks he’s taking a risk or not.

Ijourno review July 3, 2006

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Gareth Hacking has a review of the show on the Ijourno blog network in Greater Manchester.